FAQ – Support


How can I send a support ticket / reach customer support?

Please read the frequently asked questions first, if the answer is not available send an email to: support@bitcoineconomy.zendesk.com

How can I sign up?

To sign up for the Bitcoin Business Opportunity, you will need to go to the following link. https://app.bitcoin-economy.com/register/?affiliate=bitcoineconomist

I  miss some features in my backoffice, when are you 100% customer proof?

We are in pre-launch, meaning we are still working on fine tuning the IT systems, and adding additional features. We expect to be 100% customer ready February 3.

How do I get Bitcoins?

Through a Bitcoin exchange, please check this page, or through a friend.

Can I pay the affiliate fee in traditional currencies?

Bitcoins is a new payment platform therefore during the pre-launch it is possible to pay your affiliate / Co-founder fee a $199 in traditional currencies.

Step 1 – Register your account through an affiliate.

Step 2 – Send an email to customer support with your username and email to confirm your payment.

Step 3 – Pay $199 to our HSBC Bank account:


Direct Selling Global News Ltd. Account number: 848-535290-838 RM 2106 21/F Lemmi Ctr 50 Hoi Yuen RD Kwun Tong KLN, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Bank info:

HSBC Bank Head Office, 1 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong SWIFT: HSBCHKHHHKH

How does receiving or sending Bitcoins to Bitcoin-Economy works?

When you sign up, we create an internal bitcoin wallet for you. You find it in your backoffice under My Bitcoin Balance

How do I transfer Bitcoins to my internal wallet?

Login into your backoffice, and go to SUBSCRIPTIONS and then to EXTEND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION then BUY and you see how much bitcoins you have to transfer to your internal bitcoin wallet.

(Please transfer today the amount of  xxxxxx BTC to your Bitcoin-Economy account)

This is a sample:


I have transferred Bitcoins to My Internal wallet, but they do not show up immediately?

It will take 20 minutes up to 2-3 hours, it depends on the worldwide Bitcoin network, your transaction needs to be confirmed a couple of times.

I have send Bitcoins to my internal wallet at Bitcoin-Economy, what is the next step?

  • Check your Bitcoin balance under: My Bitcoin Balance scroll down and you will see you actual balance.
  • Go to “Subscriptions” and pay.

How and when do I receive my commission?

We transfer your commission instantly to your Bitcoin wallet when you have a customer sale (Starting from Februry 3). It will take 20 minutes, up to 2 hours depending on the speed of the worldwide Bitcoin network.  Mid January you have to fill in your Bitcoin wallet address in your back-office, the one you have at f.i. Coinbase, Bitstamp, MtGox, Multibit, Blockchain, Armory etc.

From there you can do with your  Bitcoin commissions what ever you like :).

How do you secure my Bitcoins commission?

We do not keep your Bitcoins, when we receive them through a customer sales, we instantly transfer your Bitcoin commission to you. Of course we have a number of security layers in place which we do not discuss in public for obvious reasons.

How can I check if a team member or customer has paid?

The person shows up green in your backoffice under “My Team”

How do you price your subscription, services and products?

We take the average $USA price of 3 major exchanges. So if 1 BTC = $720 / $725 / $730 our exchange rate = $725. Therefore you subscription or affiliatee fee in Bitcoins value can change per day.

I want to change my username, address, name, password

You can change your name, address, phone etc. in your backoffice, (Currently it’s under development)  You can not change your user name.

I want to change from sponsor – enroller

You may not change the sponsor / enroller on an existing Bitcoin-Economy Member. The original enroller of a person may request an enroller change within 10 days of sign up. Bitcoin-Economy will evaluate each request on a case by case basis. Please let your enroller send a support ticket.

Do you pay a commission over the affiliate fee?

No, because that would be NOT compliant with international direct selling laws. You do not get paid for recruiting affiliates, you get paid up to 100% commissions to sell our products to customers :)

Website or forum “XYZ” is saying something negative, what is your official response?

We do not response to “Reverse Marketing” strategies from people who want to draw visitors to their website with sneaky tactics. Reverse Marketing is “an aggressive and imaginative approach to achieving supply objectives”. We think it is a waste of time to go into discussion. Our advise is to ignore those comments and to look to the facts and figures.

Who are the founders of Bitcoin-Economy.com?

The company is founded by a group of 20 international bitcoin “Die Hard’s”, multi level marketing professionals, compensation plan and accounting experts, and top-level business people with over 150 years of combined direct selling business experience. Our founders are from the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia and are working hard in virtual teams to bring you this opportunity.

Who is the Chief Executive officer?

Martin Bylsma

Is Bitcoin-Economy compliant with international laws?

In our operations we look closely to the USA (MLM) law and we strive to be compliant with all international business laws. Our MLM lawer is from the USA. We believe our business model is legit and sustainable.

Check out the terms and conditions.

What happen if a member cancels the subscription?

The Bitcoin-Economy system will keep them active until the expiry date comes (its usually the date of the next payment). When this happens, the account will be placed in unpaid mode, and after 15 more days – into lockdown mode. The account of that member will not be deleted, and it will not disappear from the downline of his sponsor. This means that the members in the downline will not change their places, and will not be moved up, if someone cancels. So if f.i. the nr. 3 member cancels, he will stay at nr. 3.

If Bitcoin-Economy pays out 100% commissions how can the company be sustainable and profitable?

The affiliate fee of $25 per month covers our low costs and generates a sustainable profit.

Do you have an affiliate agreement?

Sure, you find it here

Do you allow Multiple Streams Of Income?

We at Bitcoin-Economy are strong supporters of the independent status of an affiliate, there fore we do not kick you out if you promote other opportunities as so many other companies do.

What we however NOT approve is cross/downline recruiting, meaning we do not allow “pitching for other opportunities” under Bitcoin-Economy affiliates who are not your frontlines.

Do you allow multiple accounts for 1 person?

No, to avoid “Grand Mother” or “Ghost” building, also known as “Stacking”. We have a number of security systems in place to discover such unethical behavior.

Can my wife, husband, son, daughter sign up?

We believe anybody older than 18 must have the possibility to build up a business. However to avoid “Stacking” persons in the same household are not allowed to enroll each other.

If your wife / husband / son wants to build a business ask your enroller / sponsor to enroll them.

Why is the company holding founded in the Seychelles?

As most other classic offshore companies, a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) is a tax-free corporation designed for engagement into all forms of international business, with no reporting and minimum record-keeping requirements, and comprehensive confidentiality features.

A Seychelles IBC, by the definition of the law, is not subject to any tax or duty on income or profits.

It just did not make sense to incorporate our Internet/ Bitcoin company in the USA, Europe or Asia :)  We want to keep our corporate costs as low as possible which benefits both affiliates as the corporate operations.

More information about Seychelles IBC’s can be found here.

Why is the company banking in Hong Kong (HSBC Bank)?


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